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Hi there, thank you so much for joining us. I can’t wait to hear about you and follow along in your successes (I really hope!) with finding friends with WannaFriend. I really look forward to hearing your feedback about what works with the site and what does not work. I appreciate you.

Ok, some features about the site… First of all, only people who have subscribed to the website can see what you have written in your profile, they can’t sent you messages nor chat with you. Visitors can see your profile picture, background picture and display name as well as blog post such as this one and any comments on blog posts. Lastly, if you have any questions please send a message to Wanna Friend who is automatically your first friend making sending a message easier.

The main section of the website is called The Hangout. Basically, this is place where you can say hi to all of the members of WannaFriend. Friendship starts by talking… Tell a tiny secret… say something nice you noticed about a member… let’s be friends.

On your profile page you can change your avatar picture and background picture, edit your profile and much more.

Searching for members is easy! Click on Potential Friends and the top and use the search bar. Click on a member’s name to view their profile. You can also Follow, Add Friend, Chat and send Messages to your potential friend.

Please use discretion when sharing personal information such as email address, phone number, work place, etc. I’ve tried to provide all the tools necessary to safely connect with other people and establish a meaningful friendship. Use discretion as well when it is time to share some personal information. Maybe start with phone calls and go from there. Good luck, be well and be wise.

THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE Report anyone who is not adhering to this major rule. Finding friends is what this site is all about.

Wanna Friend ?. avatar

Wanna Friend ?.

I've wanted a best friend for many years now but haven't had any luck. I grew up shy, lonely and ostracized. I got married young and pretty much concentrated on surviving and raising children but was still lonely for a friend. To this day I still don't have a best friend and that is why I created this website. There are so many people like me who simply haven't found the right friend to connect with or maybe have lost their friend along the way. I'd like to welcome new friends to the group.

Never let friends get lonely, keep disturbing them

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