Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing someone who looks lonely whether it be an elderly person, a child or a guy sitting at a table at the coffee shop.

I have been lonely myself; but I have also had the joys of family and having people who care around me.

This site was made with the intention of helping people find friends. To connect with each other and help ease feelings of loneliness and disconnect.

Watch this video by Jay Shetty to understand the dangers of loneliness.

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Wanna Friend ?.

I've wanted a best friend for many years now but haven't had any luck. I grew up shy, lonely and ostracized. I got married young and pretty much concentrated on surviving and raising children but was still lonely for a friend. To this day I still don't have a best friend and that is why I created this website. There are so many people like me who simply haven't found the right friend to connect with or maybe have lost their friend along the way. I'd like to welcome new friends to the group.

Never let friends get lonely, keep disturbing them

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